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How this works?

Are you interested in placing an order?

Follow the steps below to get your product customized!

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Pricing & Payment 

Pricing varies for each item based on the complexity of what is being painted.


Overall pricing includes the item to be painted, paint, labor, and shipping rates (if needed).


Final pricing is determined when the layout is being designed.                    


*all sales are final no exchanges, returns, or refunds*

*pricing also varies based on the volume of order (discounts offered)*

To ensure reliability of clients, I do require a deposit, which consists of the cost of the item itself, along with half the cost of supplies and labor. (This is determined through communication as order is being placed).


The rest of the payment can be paid upon completion of item.

I prefer payment through Apple Pay

(which will be provided during direct message communication)

I am also open to Venmo.

Cash is also accepted for porch pick-up or drop-off for local clients. 


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Shipping is added at the end, in addition to the remaining deposit. I typically ship UPS. 

Tracking information is provided as soon as it is shipped through the method of contact order was placed.

If I am shipping out of the United States there will be an additional fee. 

Turn Around Time 

My turn-around time is currently  3-5 weeks. Each item is handled with care and takes a long amount of time because of the attention to detail.

Due to the high demand, it is first come first served.

If you need an item rushed,

there will be an additional $20 fee.

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Sizing depends on the item.

Shoes (Vans or Converse) are in American sizing. Vans are known to be true to size!


 Jackets, I ask to be delivered to me, or sent a direct link (with sizing) to the Jacket that needs customization.

If you want me to purchase a jacket, I will not be responsible if it does not fit right.

*All sales are final no exchanges, returns, or refunds* 

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I do offer discounts for:

-Group Orders 

-Returning Customers

-Art I haven't created yet.

-Acrylic Sheet Bulk Orders

Need more information?

Direct Message me on Instagram or contact me Via text message and I can assist you with any questions!

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