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Any questions not answered on this page, 

contact me on Instagram ! 


Q: How do you place an order?

A: Orders are taken through Direct Message

on my Instagram or by phone @brushofwonders

or 559-836-2806. Serious inquiries only. The ordering

process will be explained as order is being placed!

Q: When will you be open to new orders

A: Due to the high demand I will change my

bio on Instagram and update this website when I am open.

Q: Do you do waiting lists?

A: No. Due to demand, I cannot keep track

 of or manage a waiting list. I only do orders

on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Q: Do you accept old vans/jackets?

A: I do not paint on worn vans. I do paint on used jackets, however I prefer them to be new. If you plan to have a jacket customized, id ask you to ship the jacket to me. If you'd like a new one, I ask for you to send me a direct link with the size included, to ensure accuracy of the sizing. 


Q: Do you restore shoes?

A: I do restore shoes, based on condition. Full ability for complete restoration will be disclosed through communication.

Q: How do I clean my item?

A: Jackets should be hand washed in the sink, inside out with

cold water and minimal detergent, don't let it soak!  

Shoes should be cleaned with a damp cold cloth.

I recommend angelus cleaner kit if you're wanting to clean any customized

shoes. This cleaner is gentle, however, use this with a wash cloth or

microfiber towel to clean the shoes. 


Q: What type of stuff can you paint? 

A: I'm welcome to all suggestions! Everything I have painted is shown on the gallery on the home page, or on my Instagram ! 


Q: Do you offer gift wrapping?

A: Yes! Just let me know when you place your order. This service is complementary with your order!

Q: Will my idea come out exactly as pictured?

A: Due to copyright, every image has to be slightly changed. Art is art it's hard to re-create exactly but it will come out very close! 

Q: What type of paint do you use?

A: I have gone through many different types of paint and I have

finally found some that work excellent for all of my products!

All my paints are durable and long lasting!   Angelus Leather

Acrylic Paint is used on almost all of my products. 




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