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My name is Lauren Farrar. I am the self-taught, free-hand artist behind Brush of Wonders! I custom hand-paint items such as Vans, jackets, graduation caps, acrylic sheets, and more! Clients come to me when they're burnt out on giving, or using a mass-produced product bought on store shelves.
Customization Service
Discounts offered for bulk orders of Vans or Acrylic Sheets.
Orders are taken through Direct Message on Instagram or by phone! 
@brushofwonders or 559-836-2806
serious inquiries only!
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My artwork is in no way endorsed by, affiliated with, authorized, licensed, or in any way connected with, the Walt Disney Company, Disney Enterprises, Inc., or any of the above-mentioned design suggestions or any of their subsidiaries or affiliates. I do not own any characters, trademarks, and all of my artwork is simply my interpretation & artistic representation of the characters and/or are merely inspired by those characters but not actual depictions.​

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